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Speedy Delivery

Pack It & Send It

pack_it_send_it.jpgMaking life easy in a busy world

Our Pack It & Send It service is easy to use

Simply Contact Us or Book Now and we will Collect, Pack and Send It either the same day or the next.

This service is ideal for

  • Smaller goods and items
  • Passports, visas and documents
  • Small packages of up to 25kg
  • Secure Document sending services
  • Luggage collection and delivery

How to Pay?

We take payments using credit/debit cards, cash, invoice (businesses only) and PayPal. For more details visit our Payment page.

secure_storage.jpgStore It now, Send It later?

We can pack and store your goods now and dispatch and deliver them at a later date according to your requirements.

We provide secure storage for all your goods.



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